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The application economy moves fast. Are your monitoring tools slowing you down?

Your company’s IT infrastructure and application framework is complex and growing more so every day. When there’s a problem or a service disruption how do you resolve it quickly to ensure an optimal customer experience?

It all depends on whether your IT monitoring approach is unified or siloed.

If your monitoring approach is comprised of multiple outdated and ineffective IT monitoring tools, your team is wasting precious time finding and fixing the problem. And your customer experience is suffering.
Here’s why...

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How do you stack up?

Take a look at the following assessment to determine how your current IT Monitoring approach compares to others in your industry, and how CA Unified Infrastructure Management can help you compete in the application economy.

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As you enter your answers, watch the graphs to see where you fall in relation to others in your industry. When you’ve answered each question, click the button below for a customized, downloadable summary of your assessment along with specifics on how CA Unified Infrastructure Management can help thrive in an application economy.

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Let us give you a hand in making an informed decision.

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